Who is the Adirondack Woodsman?

Back in 1990, I bought 54 acres of wooded land in Forestport, NY,  just just 5 miles outside of the Adirondack Park in Upstate NY.  It wasn't until the summer of 1997 that we began to build our dream camp on the property.  Now 26 years later we have finally finished the inside of the camp.

As part of my passion for the outdoors and trying make things from our natural resources, all of the wood inside the camp was milled from white pine on the property.  Trees were identified, cut, milled,  stacked, dried, planed, tongue & grooved, sanded, poly'd, and installed.

Now I am taking my love of milling lumber and harvesting firewood and starting a new business doing exactly that. 

I am committed to delivering a high level of  excellence in the products and services that I offer along with great customer service.

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